A taste of language coaching

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With this task you can gain insight how scaling – a coaching tool – works in language teaching.

1. Follow the steps to find your most efficient way to achieve your  current language goal.¹ It is worth putting down your thoughts. During a language coaching session the process can be done either in English or in Hungarian upon request.

Goal setting > scaling > strengths and successes > action plan

What’s your current goal you would like to achieve in your learning process?
Within that choose a more specific short-term goal if it is possible.
(The more specific you choose the better.)

Let’s take a scale from 0 to 10 where 10 means you have reached your goal and 0 stands for the moment when your goal first came to mind.
Where are you standing now on that scale? e.g.: at 7
How did you manage to get from 0 to 7?
Conjure up your successes from 0 to 7.
Name as many strengths as you can which took you from 0 to 7.

Now imagine you are at 8 on the scale.
How did you use those strengths to have reached 8?
What will you be doing at 8 that you are not doing now?

Draw up an action plan.
When is the nearest time you can start putting it into practice?
Set up a deadline.

¹ Please keep in mind that every language coaching session is unique and tailored to the individual needs and attitude of the language learner.
Therefore an appropriate questioning technique is applied by the coach in each case.

Feel free to contact me and share your experience.